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Welcome to Resurrected Life Awards

Resurrected Life Awards
Motto: “I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord’ Psalm 118:17
“Honoring Fatherless Males Who Are Choosing to Live With Purpose”

AT 5:00 PM

The Resurrected Life Awards is an [annual] awards ceremony, created and hosted by Deacon Ryan King. The vision was given to Deacon King in late 2006 after overcoming some childhood and youth struggles, and growing up with a father that he never knew. Deacon Ryan prayed for an idea to encourage and uplift other males who had grown up without a father while being labeled as at-risk. The vision came after much prayer, and working for other award shows and events- one of them is Judge Mablean Ephriam H.U.F. Awards. The H.U.F. (Honoring Unsung Fathers) awards honors fathers in several categories such as Solo Warrior, Village Dad, and Living Legacy which represent fathers in a positive atmosphere who are playing a vital role in the development of children. Judge Mablean started the awards program to encourage, and recognize strong and supportive father figures in the community and throughout the states to change the negative images of how fathers are being portrayed.

Deacon Ryan King received the vision to flip the script and recognize youth and young adult males who had grown up without their fathers, but who has learned to accept the challenges they have faced and their past. He wanted to uplift, and show the world there are positive young men who are becoming successful, and setting goals in their lives to accomplish; who are and were considered at-risk, to change negative perceptions and conceptions of youth and young adult males. As Deacon King watched and heard countless youth and young adults speak with bitterness, anger, hurt, and shame for not having the guidance of their fathers and doubting their future. He became concerned with issues with youth and young adults having healthy relationships with their family members, especially the presence of strong, nurturing, and hard working fathers. From witnessing those individuals, his vision became very clear that this awards ceremony needed to manifest to be a light for those who are walking in darkness.

He believes that role models should start at home first; positive interaction between a supportive and caring father and his children, especially with a young boy paves the way for healthy self-esteem, and a successful adulthood. Therefore, Deacon King knows and wants to identify the youth and young adults males who overcame the pressures, and temptations they fell into while growing up to be a man without the assistance of their fathers. He wants to recognize those youth and young adults who stopped using excuses on why they can’t advance in their life, so they can be a testimony to those that have given up and are confused about life. It’s time to resurrect their lives!

The awards program will honor five youth or young adult males ages 15-35, and one seasoned male 60 years old or older whose fathers were absent in their life; however, they have overcome obstacles mentally, socially, and spiritually in their private and public life. The recipients will be given the following awards:

(In parentheses is what the recipients have overcome)
Kingdom Minded (Behavior Problems)
Moses (Speech & Public Speaking)
Meshach, Shadrach, & Abednego (Low Self-Esteem & Worldly Desires)
Abundant Life (Injustice)
College Bound (Mental & Financial Burdens)
Living Testimony (Life of a conqueror which values justice, and which improves morale.)

Thank You,

Ryan King



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